Radio Commerciale D Haiti 92.5


Radio Commerciale D Haiti 92.5 is a radio station that belongs to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Its frequency runs on the FM band. This channel is also available on the internet for its live streaming. It uses Creole to broadcast its transmission. Business, Culture, Gospel, and Sports are key contents of this radio channel.

Weekday Programs of Radio Commerciale D Haiti 92.5:

The most famous programs of weekdays consist of Les Gens du Nord, Music Disorder, Divine Echo that plays Evangelical Songs, Free Time, Sport Commercial that broadcasts Le Journal des Sports, Bonne Ecoute Haiti signs on in the air French, English, Creole songs, Commercial Compass broadcasts Compass Varieties, Evangelical broadcasts Pri du Midi, Antillean Music presents Zouk, Commercial Rap plays Rap, R&B, Disques Music lovers broadcasts Musical BambocheLes, Life in Christ tells about Evangelical broadcast, God is Love explains Gospel, Commercial en Compas signs on in the air Bamboche Musicale, Musique du Terroir plays Les Troubadours d’Haïti, Musical Atmosphere presents Musical Variety.

Radio Commerciale d'Haiti FM 92.5

Weekend Shows:

The shows of the weekend are Les Gens du Nord by Septen, Tropik, H Christophe, Music Disorder by Zin, Nu Look, Zenglen, Gabel, T-Vice, Evangelical broadcasts Echo Divin, Free time, Bonne Ecoute Haiti plays French, English, Creole songs, Commercial in Compass and The Golden Records Music lovers broadcasts Musical Bamboche, Caribbean Music airs Zouk, Commercial Rap consist of Rap, R&B, Reggae plays Various Music, Sabado Caliente broadcasts Retro Spanish, and Little Saturday Night Ball tells about Baker without limit.

The programs broadcast on Sunday are French people by Septen, Tropik, H. Christophe, Music Disorder by Zin, Nu Look, Zenglen, Gabel, T-Vice, Divine Echo plays Evangelical Songs, The Past to the Present airs Soft music from the region, Little Sunday Ball, Hot local music, The Skah Shah #1 of New York, Internal Strength describes Astrological emission and Sunday Retro by Rodrigue M / Nemours JB / W. Sicot.

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Contact Details:

Address: Radio Commerciale d’Haiti 92.5 FM Stereo 39, Boulvard 15 tabarre 39
Phone Number: 509-3116-0083/509-3243-1875/509-3779-7244
Fax: 305-685-9332
Official Website: