Bok Radio 98.9 FM


Bok Radio FM 98.9 is a community-oriented private broadcast servicing on the surface of Cape Town in South Africa. Being devoted to the local community in vast manners, the service has no English speaking variety on its forum. By providing professional content to its audience, the station goal huge popularity in South Africa. The service aims to telecast multiple programs for its hearers existing in the Cape Town and overseas.

Programming of Bok Radio FM 98.9:

Bok Radio 98.9 FM is a 24/7 fulltime community service breaths of air from Cape Town among Afrikaans. Its genre is adult contemporary, oldies, and rock hits. It devotes most of its time to music and the rest of the service to news, sports, talks, traffic reports and weather updates, etc. Additionally, in terms of regular programming, the service also launches offline projects.

Bok Radio FM 98.9

Bok Radio launches a music voyage each year and invites certain celebrities in order to amuse their passengers. As a Prize, they also managed competition with a private wakeboarding forum. Moreover, in the Western Cape, they also organized the “Bok Radio Music Award. “ The programming schedule for the Bok Radio has been categorized into weekday programs (i.e., from Monday to Friday) and weekend programs (i.e., on Saturday and Sunday).

The service broadcasts with a frequency of 98.9 FM from the Western Cape Town in South Africa. Among the popular team of presenters, DJs its programmers involve the most figurative names like Bonita, Lu-Lue, Wimpie, and Blankenberg, etc. Weekday programs scheduled as;

Week Programs: (Monday to Friday)

Time Programs
12 am – 5 am Musiek
5 am – 6 am Pre-Brêkfis – met Yolandie Viljoen
6 am – 9 am BokBrekfis – met Wimpie, Le-Lue en Stem
9 am – 3 pm Brunch – met Chanel
12 pm – 3 pm Heinrich HHH du Plooy
3 pm – 6 Evening Martin & Success
6 Evening – 8 pm Albertus Kotze
8 pm – 10 pm Afm Rock Show – met Kyle Frick
10 pm – 12 am Musiek

In contrast, for weekend programs i.e., Saturday and Sunday, the channel hosts according to the following schedule:

Weekend Programs:

Time Programs
12 am – 6 am Musiek
6 am – 9 am SuperSaterdag – met Darren Scott
9 am – 11 am Bonita Blankenberg
11 am – 2 pm Die Bok Radio Treffersparade – met Kyle Frick
2 pm – 7 Evening #BokSport
7 Evening – 10 pm Saterdag Party Mix – met Heinrich HHH du Plooy
10 pm – 12 Midnight Musiek

Time Programs
12 Mid-Night – 7 Morning Musiek
7 am – 9 am Darren Scott
9 am – 11 am Bonita Blankenberg
11 am – 2 Noon #GoldenOldies – met Johan Roos
2 pm – 6 Evening Natisha van Zyl
6 Evening – 7 Evening In die tyd van die SILWERDOEK – met Anton Treurnicht
7 Evening – 12 Mid-Night Musiek

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Contact Details of Bok Radio:

Location: Millennium Mall, Frans Conradie Rylaan 580 Brackenfell 7560, Cape Town, South Africa
Telephone: 0860 084 074
Telegram: 074 2000 989
Whatsapp: 074 2000 989
SMS: 39989
Official Website: