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Ariana (ATN News) is a news network with a frequency of 100.2 MHz. Their logo focuses as ‘A window for a better tomorrow.’ It focuses on talk shows, news from 34 countries. ATN news FM provides all discussions happening in a visual platform so that all people would hear it through online FM. It is a 24-hour available radio station for all. It Has of social, political and cultural, and entertainment programs.

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History of ATN News:

ATN launched in 2005, August 17. Its owner is Ehsan Bayat, who was an Afghan-American. They have a sister channel that is an FM channel called Ariana News. Their focus is to convey the information to all people to all provinces. Most of the listeners are from Europe and North America who are interested in Afghan’s newly updates.

ATN News

Famous Programs:

Their famous programs are Entekhab-e Binendaha (Viewer’s choice, a music show), Parwana-ha (Butterflies, a children’s show), Cinema, Warzesh (sports), Setaraha-ye Rangin (Colored stars, a music show) and the ATN awards. Its other programs are Mehman-e Man, Yademan, Yoz-Ma-Yuz, Bouy-e Mah, Darman, Techpedia, Saat-e-10, Musafir, Sobh-o-Zendagi, Mara Bebakhsh, Haqiqat (telefilm), Who wants to be a Millionaire? Chashme Shishayi, Khanda Hay-e-Girya Dar, Sam and Cat, Scream Queens, Biz Talk, Zaara, and many more.

Target Listeners:

This radio station is in Kabul, Afghanistan. Their primary focus is to update people with the recent news and with their hot talk shows. They target Afghan’s local people to stay tuned about what is happening in this world.


ATN news FM has to face many competitors to maintain its position in Afghanistan. Their main competitor is National Radio RTA that has a frequency of 100.5 MHz. It focuses on a variety of things such as sports, music, news, culture, news, and religious programs. They concentrate on adult commentary, hip hop, Latin music, World music, Reggae, and Pop Rock.

Famous Presenters:

Its shows are Amader Kotha, Anandaloke, Around the World, Biz Talk, Box Office, and Top of the week.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: +93 (0) 700 111 555
Official Website: