Radio Hamasa


Radio Hamasa 91.7 FM is one of the famous radio stations of Afghanistan, and this channel is most prevalent in youngsters. The reason for its popularity is the programs which are played on this FM Channel. Mostly music and entertainment-based shows are focused on 91.7 FM; this station also broadcasts news and some other programs. 91.7 FM provides service for 15 hours a day. It covers a distance of about 80 kilometers.

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Hamasa FM is an active channel on the internet. This channel is famous for providing the programs of people interest, which increases the preference of public likeness for it. It does programs on the music of different categories like a contemporary adult (a form of radio played popular music), folk songs, and local songs of Afghanistan.
Language of Radio Hamasa is “Dari”.
Frequency: MHz 91.7 FM.

Radio Hamasa

About the Founder:

The founder of this station is a female named Nooria Hamasa. She believed that women of Afghanistan are not aware of their strength and their abilities. As a station manager, she works to set an example for the women of Afghanistan. That a female of the twenty-first century can do whatever she wants to do in any field, keeping her respect and grace. She influences the women of Afghanistan to develop their self-confidence to work, and some females established their own business at home scale like handicrafts, etc. In this station, six employees are female out of fifteen employees.

Types of Programs:

It played every type of Programs which is famous among people of every age and gender. We can categories programs as:
Music: It on-air different types of songs according to the taste of listeners, for instance, folk, pop, urban, the music of the world, and contemporary adult music.
News: In Afghanistan, a large number of people do not have easy access to the TV. So the radio plays a vital role to provide the inflammation and news of the world to the Afghanis and radio is becoming a second emerging mass of Afghanistan. FM 91.7 broadcasted news like headlines, Political, national and international news, sports news, business news.
Radio Hamasa is also a significant source of Art and Entertainment for Afghanis.

About Radio Hamasa:

Proprietor: Nooria Hamasa.
Editor: Wahidullah Popal Zai is the chief editor.
Address: Shabarghan Town, Jawazjan Afghanistan.
Contact Number: 0781882278, 0787148801, 0782248467

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