Healthy Choice FM


Healthy Choice FM is a Caribbean radio station. The idea of Dr. Lester Simon established 94.9 MHz FM. It is a family radio. It was established to give the audience suggestions about how to maintain their selves. This Station broadcasts health programs, and wellness ideas, it also airs jazz and rock music. It helps people to adopt a healthy life. FM 94.9 makes people aware of different causes of diseases and helps them how to get rid of them.

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Directors Healthy Choice FM:

Dr. Lester Simon and Norma Elaine Simon are the directors of this channel.


The format of this channel is set in such a way that any person can listen to this. Whosoever wants some suggestions regarding its diet, and a good life can ask by making the live call. But most people who remain ill are the regular listeners of it. People who are conscious about their fitness and people of 30 plus age are listeners of it.

Healthy Choice FM


“Championing your wellness.”


The musical programs on it relax listeners mentally. The health programs make the audience aware of the importance of mental and physical health of a person. The target of it is to make their country people physically and mentally fit. It helps listeners to make themselves more practicable in their healthcare routine. It wants to make the audience more healthy, creative, motivated, productive, positive, and energetic.


Contact Details:

Physical address: Ramco Building Independence Ave PO. Box 1296 St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda
Fax: (268) 462-2275
Office number: (268) 462-CARE (2273)
Studio number: (268) 462-0949 or 462-0951
Official Website: