Radio 1 FM 93.2


Radio 1 FM 93.2 broadcasts its transmission from Tirana County, Albania. It is famous for showing diversity in its content. Its format is religious as well as educational. They impart such education that people from every culture, religion, and race listens to them thoroughly and likes them. Its Slogan is unike si ti… (unique as you).

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About Radio 1 FM 93.2:

This radio station was formed to keep people updated on new lifestyles and education. It is famous for airing anesthetic creation. FM 93.2 plays religious songs, news, morning shows, health programs, talk shows, quiz competitions, and many more. Its management thinking is that nothing helps a person more than religious education.

Radio 1 FM 93.2

Famous Programs:

Its outstanding programs are

Alfred Trebicka – Kuran Shqip
Argumente mbi Muhamedin a s
Hadithe – Thënie Profetike
Hadithe të zgjedhura
Histori ne vargje Hafiz Ali Korca
Historite e patreguara
Jusufi dhe Zelihaja
Mos u Hidhero
Mos u Trishto
Mos u trishto 2
Perla Te Urtesise
Sipas meje nga by Edmond Arizaj Every Wednesday.
Mengjesi im Daily
Kuiz ne radio1 nga e hena ne te premte ora
Libri, tjetri dhe vetja by Agim Baçi every Thursday from 14.05-14.30
Bisede me mjekun by Doctor Petrit Leka every Tuesday from 16.05-16.30
Shoqeria ne fokus by Entela Hidri every Wednesday from 16.05-16.30
Libri, tjetri dhe vetja every Thursday from 14.05-14.30
Vargje nga “divani” i Imam Shafiut
Virtytet e të Dërguarit

Target Listeners:

This radio station focuses on the people of every age and promotes religious education among them. They considered it as a vital and primary thing of all. Their motive is to spread Islam and educate the people.


Its biggest competitor is Radio 7, which is also a religious radio station. It focuses on Christianity and the Gospel. They preach the words of God and asks people to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Contact Details:

Its contact details are:
Address: Rr. Hime Kolli, nr 8 Ap, 3b Tirane.
Telephone: +355 674 712 472
Official Website: