Radio Tirana 1


Radio Tirana 1 Albania also called as RTSH, is located in Tirana, Albania. Its frequency is 99.5 MHz. It is famous for its talk shows and even for entertainment, cultural, sports and educational programs. It is a public radio channel which means that owned by a public organization.

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History of Radio Tirana 1:

It was formed in 1938. It is the first radio channel that featured the news talk shows. RTSH 1 also have the first digital television appearance in featuring news, talk shows, and music of all genres.

Radio Tirana 1

Famous Programs:

Their outstanding programs that are known as
Revista Televizive whose format is a Central News Bulletin. Hapesire e Blerte is an Agricultural Affairs show. Rubrika Sportive and E Hena Sportive show for sports. Trupi dhe Shendeti is a Health Show. Morning Show called Miremengjes Shqiperi. Festivali I Kenges whose format is Song Contest. Political Talk Show called Java ne and Perballe. RTSH Auditor Arsimi whose format is an Introduction talk show. Art and Art a Musical Show. Biblioteke is a Literature program. Ne Tempull is a Cultural program. Artes whose format is Cultural Show. Other famous programs are Ne boten e muzikes, Kolor, Kush este?, Master chef Albania Junior, Mini Mini show, Music and Music, Shih Programin, Gjyshet Milionere, and many more.

Target Listeners:

This FM Station is in Tirana, Albania. They targeted the local people of Albania and promoted their values and customs. They are famous for developing the national language and traditions while also show some international programs. It is considered as the best way of promoting their radio as well as use it as a medium for commercial and business purposes.


Rezarta Re├ži and Etrita Ibrahimi


Their competitor is Top Albania Radio whose frequency is 100.0 MHz. It is also famous for promoting news from the world and promote their culture and shows its significance. They encourage a variety of music that is of all genres.

Contact Details:

Its contact details are:
Address: Rruga Ismail Qemail No 11, Tirane
Telephone: +355 (4) 2223911
Email: /