Ngola Radio

Ngola Radio

Ngola Radio is a famous broadcasting station. It is based in Luanda, the capital of Angola. It airs a different format than traditional radios. This station spreads the voice of the African people. It broadcasts its transmission on the frequency of 87.7 MHz.

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It runs at this frequency and sends out Portuguese and Caribbean music for its audience. This transmitting station has a targeted audience of the African community. That is why it beams its programs and songs in the Portuguese language.

Functions of Ngola Radio:

FM 87.7 is spreading education in the country. It helps the people of Angola a lot by assigning them different education-oriented projects. It motivates youth and fills a spirit of success and progress in their minds.

Ngola Radio

The purpose of these activities is to unite the nation. This station is also trying to support world-famous designing to present on the National TV of Angola. It is working to make it’s country better in social, political, economic, and in all other trades.

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Luanda, Angola.
Email id: