Radio N’Gola Yetu

Radio N’Gola Yetu

Radio N’Gola Yetu is a broadcast station that is present in Angola. It is also a part of Nacional radio which is a government established station. This channel airs its programming in many languages like Portuguese, Spanish, French, and in other regional languages. It runs on 101.4 MHz frequency.

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Format of Radio N’Gola Yetu:

This station broadcasts many things like News, weather updates, art and culture, sports and economy, etc. It is famous as an informational channel. People who have interest in this type of content mostly prefer it to listen. It simply passes the information to its listeners. Which means it airs things to the point. The people who are professional save their time by tuning in to it, and also get all the updates in a very short interval of time.

Radio N’Gola Yetu

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Rua Cmdte Gika, CP 1329, Luanda, Angola
Phone number: +244 2 321 258
Email id:
Official website: