Rádio Ouvinte


Rádio Ouvinte broadcast station is for African people. The word “Ouvinte” means “Listener.” The transmitting station was made for young people. It serves them through entertainment and amusement. The youth’s favorite channel broadcasts its programming 24/7 hours. It is a private radio station in Angola. DJ sends out marvelous songs for Africa people in the Portuguese language.

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Format Rádio Ouvinte:

The station airs News, top songs, sports, etc. Deejay Milton is the only broadcaster of this channel. He sets on air different songs and News with several intervals of time.

Rádio Ouvinte

Also, he shares his playlist for the last seven days on the radio’s website. The radio was made for the Angola community. To make all people of Angola listen to the radio, Deejay Milton shares radio broadcast to the whole region.

Contact Details:

Physical address: Cónego Manuel das Neves, Angola
Phone number: +244 926 314 932
What Sapp number: 244 912421949
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/radioouvinte/
Email address: contacto@radiouvinte.com
Official website: https://radioouvinte.com/