RNA Canal A


RNA Canal A is a broadcasting radio station that is established in Luanda, Angola. The frequency of this station is 96.5 MHz. This station is included in radio Nacional de Angola (RNA) which has five radio stations, and Canal A is a part of it.

96.5 FM does its broadcast in many languages like Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, and other town languages of Angola.

Program Format:

Canal A is a pure infotainment radio station that includes 50% programming and 50% music. It airs news updates, Weather, art and culture, entertainment shows, etc.


“Midnight program, Informative morning, Jornal da hora, Relax musical, Law for all, The voice of field, Azimuth, Comatondo, Homeland and citizenship, Rhythm, Sporty, Backyard.”

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Rua Cmdte Gika, CP 1329, Luanda, Angola
Phone Number: +244 2 321 258
Mail: rna@rna.ao
Official Website: http://radios.sapo.ao/canal-a
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rnangola
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rnangola

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