98 Cinco Radio FM 98.5


The Cinco FM channel is based in Punta Alta, Argentina. It uses the 98.5 MHz frequency on the FM band. The network provides a new sensation of music in the area. The content of the radio attracts all types of people. The description of the channel is “Donde está tu musica.”


It provides a variety of music to all people. It sends out classic, national and international hits, etc. the station works for 24 hours and beams out people’s favorite songs.

Radio Vida 97.3 FM

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Bdo. de Irigoyen 774 – Punta Alta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone Number: 02932 428115
Email ID: administracion@985radio.com.ar
Official Website: http://www.985radio.com.ar/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/la985radio