AM 1500 Radio Bonaerense


Radio Bonaerense AM 1500 radio Buenos Aires’s broadcast is available throughout Argentina. It is an infotainment network. The content of the channel not only entertains its audience but also keeps its listeners up to date about their surroundings. Its format contains talk, politics, pop, community, art, culture, alternative and entertainment programs. The hosts broadcast programs in the Spanish language.

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Slogan of Radio AM 1500 Radio Bonaerense:

The channel’s slogan is “Escucharnos te hace bien” which means “listening to us is good for you”. The reason behind the slogan is that the 1500 AM claims to build the moral characters of its people.

Radio Bonaerense AM 1500

Nearby Station:

Jees, premium classic, urbe, Lomas Hi-Fi, RBN, Ele are the nearby radios of the network.

Contact Details:

Address: Doyhenard 316, CP 1836 Llavallol, Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone number: 154 198 9193
Email id:
Official Website: