Ciudad UNM Radio


UNM is a broadcasting channel of the national university of Moreno. The call sign UNM means “University national, Moreno.” The channel was run on an FM band, and 88.7 MHz frequency was allotted to the team for broadcasting. The programming is available even in the whole province of Buenos Aires. It broadcast its transmission in the Spanish language for university students in order to promote their language.

The content of the communication media appeals to students and young people age 15 to thirty, usually. The description of the network is “La radio de la Universidad Nacional de Moreno.” This educational channel is for university students. The university radio broadcast four types of formats. Those are college information, documentaries, education, and music.

Ciudad UNM radio FM 88.7

Nearby stations:

Other radio networks present in that area are here. The names of them include “FM Popular 106.5, DS radio Horizonte, FM Revolution radio 103.3, Shopping 107.7 FM, Abril 90.9 FM, and others”.

DS Radio Horizonte FM 94.5

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Moreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Call: +54 237 488-3449
Email ID:
Official Website: