FM Blue 105.3

FM Blue 105.3

FM Blue is a radio station in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It broadcasts Progressive House, the 00s, Electronica, and Alternative Music to entertain its listeners. This channel uses 105.3 MHz frequency to run its programming. Its frequency runs on the FM band. It uses the Spanish and English languages for its audience.

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Famous Programs and Presenters of FM Blue 105.3:

The most famous shows of this station are Wake Up by Leila Ferreyra, Eclectic by John Kasahn, Introspective by Blot, Inevitable by Franciso IGC, Unreleased Tracks by Francis Di Rosa, Love and Happiness by Victor Gauna, Boreal Sounds (Guest Mix), Just a Ride by Manu Rodriguez, Between me & you by Brann, Quatinque by Devrient, Subliminal Sounds by Soulkeys, Metanoia (Less is More) by Luciano Rodriguez, Blue Sessions by Gardoqui Larrosa, SuperBass by Nattz, Sunset Sessions by Gonzalo Martin, Keep in Trip by Seba Alvarez, DSM Radio Show, Haunting Melodies (about Us), Portal by Cris Li, Clover Nine Jula Morales, and A Trip to Polux by Polux Crew.

Contact Details:

Address: CALLE 43 Nº 1423 E / 23 Y 24 – LA PLATA
Contact: ADMINISTRATION (221) 479 5007
Studio: STUDIO (221) 479 2121
Whatsapp: WHATSAPP (221) 679 6621
Official Website: