FM Espacio 89.7


Espacio is a broadcast radio station which belongs to Lanus. It is a Spanish radio network which promotes the Spanish language. The programing of the brand is available to whole Argentina on tuning to the frequency at 89.7 MHz. The network is the first developed FM radio in Lanus.

Format of FM Espacio 89.7:

The channel airs traditional music, folk songs, Hits, POP, Latin culture, spiritual growth, national and international news, etc.

FM Espacio 89.7


It is a family featured channel. It was made for the people of Argentina and expressed their love for the land. The team of 89.7 FM shares different experiences and ideas of the people who live in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and other places.


Other radios of the town are the competitors of the station. Like as digital 860 AM, Unla 92.1, Cadena AM 1470, Siren 107.3, Premium Classic 100.5, Urbe 97.3, Lomas hi-fi 94.7, etc.

Contact Details:

Address: La Rioja 2460 – Lanús O, Argentina.
Contact: +54 3534-8812, 4262-3797 / 3819.
Email id:
Official Website: