FM Nuestra 91.7


FM Nuestra 91.7 is a commercial radio which is present in Lujan, Argentina. The station uses the slogan “tada una radio”. The network utilizes 91.7 MHz frequency and works as an FM band channel. The station is very versatile in its content. It attracts all people of the entire community having all ages and all classes of the society.

Format of FM Nuestra 91.7:

Nuestra channel airs four major formats which are “community, public, Spanish, talk, news, ads and music”. Moreover, the channel has developed its play store app.

FM Nuestra 91.7

Major Shows:

The station works throughout the week. This is always open and broadcasts for 24 hours. It airs a bundle of programs among them, and few are here:
“Nuestra Música, “La mañana del sábado, “120 minutos de música convos”, “Nuestra Pasión”, “Renacer”, “Galería de Tango”, “Folklore de gala”, Aterriza González”, “Buen día Luján, Boomerang, Almacén de Tangos, Tangos y boleros de Ayer, hoy y Siempre and others.

Notable Broadcasters:

Antonio Borrego, Tony Borrego, Rubén Costa, Luca de Jesus, Silvia Batallanes, Diego Pascurelli, Oscar Motta are the famous hosts of the channel.

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Contact Details:

Physical Address: Arabolaza 1834 – CP 6700, Lujan, Argentina.
Phone number: +54 2323-599393
Email id:
Official Website: