FM Unión


FM Unión is a broadcast station in Lanus, Argentina. This is an FM band network. The Channel works using 93.5 MHz frequency. The hosts use the Spanish language for programming. They air Spanish songs and other entertainment programs. The broadcast is also available to the people through live streaming.

Sorry! Currently streaming for this station is not available.

Format of Radio 93.5 FM Unión:

The channel started its transmission on 19 July 2010. It airs programs like talk shows, news bulletin, weather, culture and sports etc.

FM Unión


The station represents Spanish culture. It promotes the Spanish language as well. The name “Union.” denotes that the team of the radio reflects their thought of uniting people together because of the same flavor. The host’s air songs on demand of callers. Its listeners love the playlist of the FM.


Other stations of the city Lanus work as the competitor of the Union FM. Those are radios like digital 860 AM, Unla, RBN, jees etc.

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Buenos Aires, Lunas, Argentina
Phone Number: 1565158864
Email id:
Official Website: