LU24 Radio Tres Arroyos


The LU24 radio station runs on 92.9 MHz frequency. The communication media belongs to the city of Tres Arroyos, Argentina. This is a commercial channel and advertises industrial, social, and domestics products. The FM band broadcast very mature content. It plays news and politics updates, police and sports, etc. The hosts do all the shows in the Spanish language. They set on air their shows through live telecast. The website is also available to get in touch with the station all the time. The network was established in October 1969.

Presenters of LU24 Radio Tres Arroyos:

The most popular hosts are Gisela Sabatini, Eduardo Binaghi, and Andrea Ivone Elgart.

Radio Del Bosque FM 92.3

Contact Details:

Address: Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Official Website: