Punto Miramar le FM 103.5


Punto Miramar is an infotainment channel available in Miramar, Argentina. The Punto network comes in the category of most heard networks of the city. The radio is an FM dial station and runs on 103.5 MHz frequency. The channel works for 24 hours and broadcasts throughout the week.
The targeted audience of the FM band is an adult community usually. The Punto communication media is a commercial station. It broadcast the advertisements of sales products.

Description of Punto Miramar le FM 103.5:

The description of the network is “ESCUCHANOS EN VIVO LAS 24 HS”. The English translation of the sentence is “Listen to the 24 hours live”.

Punto Miramar le FM 103.5


The communication media provides several formats. It airs five basic formats, including variety, news, tropical, talk, and entertainment shows. Along with this, the notable DJs and RJs of the station air sports, cultural, weather, health, and political programs.


The channel broadcasts many shows. The names of the shows are here “Locos de atar, Atla tension, Futbol Para Todos, Proberbios 11,11, Miramar music dance, Tropicalisima el ’90 and others”.

Radio Residencias 96.5 FM

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Las Sirenas nº 1680 – Parquemar, Miramar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone Number: 54 (2291) 526951
Email id: fmpuntomiramar@hotmail.com.ar
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fmpuntomiramar/
Official Website: http://www.fmpuntomiramar.com.ar/[/expand]