Radio Acuario Tinogasta


Radio Acuario Tinogasta is working in the city of Tinogosta, Argentina. Acuario FM came into being for more than 30 years before in July 1987. The network provides three different contents, including information, music, and news format. The station broadcasts in the Spanish language through live telecast. This is a commercial communication media that is famous among its audience due to its mature content. FM Acuario has a description “FMACUARIO es la forma mas dinámica de estar al día con la actualidad noticiera.”

Programming of Radio Acuario Tinogasta:

It plays a number of shows among them some are mentioned here. The Shows names are “Una luz en el camino, Buen dia Tinogasta, Trasnoche en la Ciudad Sábados, Recordando *14-16 Frecuencia Musical”.

FM Del Mar Villa Gesell

Contact Details:

Address: Tinogosta, Catamarca, Argentina
Phone: +54 383 74 20 218
Whatsapp: 5493837524478
Official Website: