Radio FM X3 97.9 FM


X3 is the call sign of a radio channel which is present in Mar del Plata. This is a music channel, and it airs three genres of music, which are oldies of 80’s & 90’s, top 40, and rock hits. The station works on the FM band using 97.9 MHz frequency. The content of the network targets youth, usually. The FM is a local channel of the city. The listeners of the station 97.9 belong to all classes of society. This is a Spanish channel, DJs and RJs use the Spanish language for programming.

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Characteristics of Radio FM X3 97.9 FM:

The musical network soothes its listener’s mind and soul. The station also plays songs on demand of any listener. Also, the hosts of the communication media beam out their wishes for their listeners and air a playlist of people’s choice.

Radio FM X3 97.9 FM

LU9 Radio 670 AM

Contact Details:

Address: Tejedor 2300 tejedor 2300, Mar Del Plata Estafeta No1 7600, Buenos Aires
Contact Number: 0223-41045
Official Website: