Radio Magic Box 107.3 FM


Radio Magic Box 107.3 FM Miramar is a radio station that broadcasts its transmission from Miramar, Argentina. This FM started its transmission for the first time on November 21, 1996. It airs a variety of music in the Spanish language. This station uses 107.3 MHz frequency that runs on the FM band.

Radio Universidad AM 1240

This station has the highest coverage area and listeners by live streaming and air. It provides the best quality of HD broadcasting. This FM station also issues a magazine annually, which has a lot of information about music in the country. It broadcasts Rock, POP, national, international, and Latin music.

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About Company: Licencia ENACOM Resolución N°434-AFSCA/12 Señal LRV404 Canal 297 Frecuencia 107.3 MHz Magic Box Miramar Buenos Aires Argentina
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