Radio Mega Punta Alta


The Mega radio is a commercial broadcasting station which belongs to the main city of Punta Alta, Argentina. The station is an FM band. The frequency of the channel is 97.5 MHz frequency. The communication media transmitted its first broadcast on 1st Oct 1998. The programming of the Radio Mega can be heard from live streaming. The Spanish radio channel aims to attract a mature audience age 25 to 55 years. The description of the Radio Mega 97.5 is “Siempre en Punta!”


Mega975 carries a lot of content for its listeners. It beams out different programs like sports, news, information, talk, and weather updates.

Estacion Marina FM 101.9

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Punta Alta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone Numbers: 02932 43 4343 / 02932 155 02 469
Official Website: