Radio Urbe 97.3

Radio Urbe 97.3

Radio Urbe is a Spanish broadcasting station. It is accessible in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina. The FM network utilizes 97.3 MHz frequency for broadcasting. Its programs can also be heard through the internet live streaming.

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Format of Radio Urbe 97.3:

The channel airs different programs, which includes music, national and international news, talk, and sports updates. Along with this, the channel also promotes upcoming events. The channel has a lot of followers on social media.

Radio Urbe 97.3

Nearby Stations of the Channel:

Premium Classic, Jees, Bonaerense, Lomas Hi-Fi, and radio Ele are the nearby stations of the 97.3 FM.

Playlist of the station:

The playlist of the radio contains many songs. Among them, few are “Tal Vez, Dr. beat, Yo Quiero Bailar, Perro Fiel, Tu Recuerdo, Me Enamora, A Dios Le Pido, Let’s get loud and others”.

Contact Details:

Address: Lomas, De Zamora, Argentina