Super FM 97.1


Super FM 97.1 is a radio station present in Lincoln, Argentina. The frequency of the station is 97.1 MHz. The channel attracts all the people belonging from class A, B, C1 and C2. Anyone can also listen to the online transmission of this station through live streaming. The channel works five days a week from Monday to Friday. The broadcasters use the Spanish language during programming. It is owned by communication media which was established in 1992.

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Format of Super FM 97.1:

The Spanish music channel airs the top 40 pop songs. Moreover, it also keeps its listeners aware of their surroundings. Which include updates like news, weather changes, cultural trends, social and economic changes of the country, and current situations of the town.

Popular Shows:

Super FM broadcasts several programs among them some are here:

Monday to Friday programs:
Supermix at 9 am
Late but safe at 7 pm
Latin ranking at 7 am
Your 40 favorites 22 hours
What was missing at 12 pm
Blondly 12 am
Super close at 2 pm
Royal palace

The Famous Hosts of the Channel:

The most famous broadcasters of the FM are Jorge Lopez, German Miceli, Andrea Bisso, Nicolas Barbieri, Emanuel Dumruaf and Maria Fernanda Rey, etc.


The station airs all categories of music. The purpose of airing Spanish songs is to promote Spanish culture and media throughout the world. The young people are fond of the songs which channel beams out. Along with this, the communication media advertises different products.

Level TEN 99.1

Contact Details:

Address: Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Contact: 02355 15469252.
Official Website: