Unnoba Radio FM 99.1


The Unnoba is the broadcast radio station belongs to the national university of Northwestern Buenos Aires. The Unnoba communication media is an FM dial and consumes 99.1 MHz frequency. The station is aimed at air academic programming related to the university. The content includes community, culture, education, and science information. The programming is in access to all the students and staff of the university.

The network runs on two frequencies in two different areas. In Pergamino, it beams out shows at 99.1 MHz frequency, and in Junin, it sends out its transmission on 89.7 MHz frequency. The description of the channel is “Universidad Nacional del Noroeste de Buenos Aires”. The station keeps its audience aware of the latest updates about the radio on its social sites like Facebook and Twitter. The programming is also available via live streaming.

Unnoba Radio FM 99.1

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Contact Details:

Physical Address: Pergamino, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Email: http://www.unnoba.edu.ar/radio/contacto/
Official Website: http://www.unnoba.edu.ar/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoticiasUNNOBA/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/unnoba_noticias