2REM 107.3 FM


2REM 107.3 FM is a community radio station, which is volunteer-based. This station is present in New South Wales, Australia. The station welcomes volunteering from people of every age. According to the post, the authorities train the volunteers. The station is based on an alternative format. ‘Our Promise of Performance’ is the slogan of 2REM.

About 2REM 107.3 FM:

The authorities conducted a feasibility study on establishing a Public Broadcasting Radio Station based in Albury-Wodonga along with other eighteen aspirant community broadcasting stations in Australia. With many struggles and difficulties, the co-operative received a C class license. Hence, 2REM broadcasted its first show on 4th April 1980, with volunteering staff. Standing at the difference to other broadcasting stations, 2REM aimed to become the medium of ordinary people’s voice at the large forum.

2REM FM 107.3

Hence, it aimed to promote the voices of ethnic groups in Australia. In June 1988, the station situated its headquarters at 318 Wagga Rd, Lavington. Initially, the station had a frequency of 107.9 MHZ, which was changed to the present one in the years 1989-1990. The promotional materials found it difficult to incorporate the promotion of the new frequency of 2REM. In March 1993, the station introduced satellite broadcasting through BBC World Service. ComRadSat broadcasts also made their appearance in the later years. The station changed its call sign to 107.3 FM in 1998.


2REM 107.3 FM provides various music, including country, Rock n Roll and, Jazz and Blues. Some of the programs and presenters of this station are: Monday Breakfast and Tuesday Night, presented by Adrian Clark, Country Music Classics and Vet Talk, hosted by Bernie Jones, SS&A Breakfast by Bob Harris, Eternity hosted by Colin Trevaskis, Friday Breakfast hosted by Des Lonergan, Honky Tonk Heaven hosted by Eileen Middleton, German/Australian hosted by Elko & Ingrid Neviandt, National Racing Serice presented by Gavin Dainton, Nostalgic Memories & Saturday Night Jukebox hosted by Gebzie, Financially Speaking and My Kind of Music hosted by Grant Pratt, Tipster Talk presented by Ian Page, Spanish Show hosted by Jean Marie, Middle of the Road hosted by John Elias. Fishing presented by Jamie & Roscoe, and Drivetime hosted by Bart.

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Contact Details:

Address: 907 Garland Avenue North Albury NSW 2640
Phone Number: (02) 6040 1482
Fax: (02) 6040 2311
Email: admin@2rem1073fm.com.au
Official Website: http://www.2rem1073fm.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2remfm/