Abaco Radio


Abaco Radio is a broadcast station in the Bahamas. It utilizes 93.5 frequency. It is a multilingual network. This station is famous as “Abaco’s superstation”. The broadcast is available to everyone through live streaming. It is a local FM dial network, which is held privately to serve the Bahamas community.

Sorry! streaming for this station is currently unavailable.

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Famous Programs of Abaco Radio:

It is a commercial radio and has many sponsors. This channel airs different formats, including songs, news, weather, sports, and current affairs, etc. The network is famous for its program, “The morning blend.” Krazy Dee, J” La Cubana, and Faylo Conseco are the hosts of this program. They give cash prizes to many people. Also, tell people about a healthy life routine. And the benefits of waking up early in the morning.

Abaco Radio

Contact Details:

Physical address: Marsh Harbour, Bahamas
Phone number: 367-4935
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Radio-Abaco-935-FM-139920872704368/
Official Website: http://www.radioabaco935.com/