Bahamian Or Nuttin


Bahamian or Nuttin is a radio station in Nassau, Bahamas. It is the only radio station that can guarantee that it plays pure Bahamian music. When its listeners contact, it answers as soon as possible. It represents the unique sound of Rake, Scrape, and Junkanoo music while featuring the musical artists and culture of the Bahamas. This radio station keeps its listeners connect with social, political, cultural, and economic environment of the country. It plays various types of songs, but local music is one of the most.

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Format of Bahamian or Nuttin:

The format of 92.5 FM is urban, and island music consists of R&B, Hip-Hop Reggae, dancehall, junkanoo, etc. It provides national, international, and social values. This station also provides news, songs, entertainment, and fun using 92.5 MHz frequency. It expresses its love for the followers and welcomes their feedback and suggestions.

Bahamian Or Nuttin

The Broadcasting of this station is available in both languages English and Bahamian. It also streams the best of the Bahamian music 24 hours a day, seven days a week. FM 92.5 plans to promote local musicians to the world. It is also developing slideshow music players in promoting local Photographers and Artists to the world.

Top Shows:

Kick of your weekends every Friday with our Bahamian Mix shows. The Lunch Mix @1 pm with DJ Rev. The Bahamian Mix Down @6 pm featuring DJ Sample

Competitors Of the Channel:

It faces a lot of competition, but still, it is most famous among all. The competitor radio channels are as follows: 92.50, ZNBN, Regency Park. 93.90, More 94 FM, ZNG Glory FM, Nassau … 100.30, ZNJ 100 Jamz, 101.90, ZNJY Joy FM.

Contact Information:

Location: Shirley Street
Town: Nassau
Island: Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
PO Box: PO Box CB-11567
Phone: 242-361-5535
Telephone: (242) 698-1300
Telephone: (USA): 1-305-677-6594
Sales & Marketing: (242) 698-1300