Faith FM Belize


Faith FM Belize is a Christian radio, which is an FM band station. The network is present in Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize. It targets the whole Christian community throughout the world. The radio can be listened to live on frequency 94.1 MHz and 104.5 MHz, and also, from its official website Anyone can listen to it anywhere from the world from this website. The channel uses English and Spanish language for communication and broadcasting. The programming of the station is managed through satellites.

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It provides Christian content mostly. This radio also airs stories, weather, health programs, gospel and country music, etc. It is a non-commercial FM station. The station also collects donations to invest in Church. And does announcements for this purpose.


The Faith radio has a slogan “the positive alternative”.

Faith FM Belize

Mission of Faith FM Belize:

The team of the radio is on a mission to serve people. The station tries to grow up listeners mentally, spiritually, and physically. The management of the radio works day and night for the betterment of the radio. They focus on content that people love to listen. The broadcasters air gospel music and Bible verses to make up people religiously. They make listeners realize the God is very near to them. He listens in all pains and miseries. It makes hope for living a good life. Faith FM keeps people motivated and urges them to work hard for success.
Moreover, the channel also tells people that the time of Jesus’ second coming is very near. The network also helps poor people and serves them. The broadcast opens the heart’s eye to the listeners. It makes people see things from all perspectives.

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Contact Details:

Address: PO Box 145 Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize – Central America.
Phone: (011) 501-624-5370, (011) 501-824-4531.
Official Website: