98.1 2day FM


98.1 2day FM is a radio station for Lethbridge, Alberta. It has one sister channel with the name of CJOC-FM. It is operating with a frequency of 98.1 MHz. The sufficient radiation power of its signal is 20-kilo watts. Its call sign was “CK BriDge.” The owner of this station is “Vista Radio.” For the first time, this channel broadcasted on 22nd September 2014. It broadcasts on the format of Modern adult contemporary music. It provides its listeners with modern rock, hard rock, metal, and hardcore music. Now it is branding as “98.1 2day FM”. It uses the slogan “Lethbridge’s Playlist.” This channel is classified as a Class B station, in the list of Canadian radio stations.

History of 98.1 2day FM:

In 2000, CKBD-FM signed in as CJTS-FM. It was a Christian radio station. Spirit Broadcasting owned it. In 2006, it was sold to Golden West Broadcasting. CRTC approved an increase in power of its signal and frequency of this channel in2006. CJST-FM changed its call letters to CKVN-FM with a change of frequency in 2007. This station did not change its format from contemporary Christian music. Again in 2014, it had some of the changes. This station changed its format to alternative rock with its call letters CKBD-FM. This broadcasting station branded as 98.1 The Bridge. It again changed its format to modern adult contemporary in 2017. In 2019 this radio station shifted to its present features.

98.1 The Bridge FM

90.5 Shine FM

Contact Details:

Physical Address: #400, 220 – 3rd Ave. S., Lethbridge, Canada, AB T1J 0G9
Studio Line: +1 403 388 2910
98.1 2day FM Contest Line: +1 403 327 0981
News Room (report about the accident of traffic delay): +1 403 388 4659
Fax: +1 403 388 4648
E-Mail Address: onair@981thebridge.com
Official Website: http://www.mylethbridgenow.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/9812dayfm/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/9812dayFM
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/9812dayfm/