Boom 101.1


Boom 101.1 FM CIFX radio station belongs to Canada. It is located in Brooks, Alberta, Canada. Its sister station is CIBQ-FM. Its frequency modulation is at 101.1 MHz on the FM band. The effective radiation power of its average signal is 4.1 KWs. The power of a peak signal can increase to 8.6 KWs. Stingray Group owns this radio station.

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It broadcasts a wide range of adult hits (popular music). It also broadcasts Hot AC and Oldies for its listeners. For the first time, it was launched in 2005 with the name of “101.1 The Fox”. Now it is branding as “Boom 101.1”. This broadcasting station is classified as B1.

History of Boom 101.1:

CRTC approved this radio station on December 19th, 2003. On October 11th, 2005, it broadcasted first ever. In the beginning, it broadcasted classical hits. In 2010 CRTC renewed its license to August 31st, 2017. On January 18th, 2011, its branding changed to “The One 101.1”. Its music format also changed to hot adult contemporary hits. Station’s class and technical parameters also changed on September 26th, 2011. Its effective radiation power was changed to 8600 watts, and its class was changed from A to B1. In the history of CIFX-FM, it rebranded to “BOOM 101.0” for the third time in July 2017. In January 2019, Stingray Group took its ownership.

CIXF FM 101.1


This radio station also broadcasts a contest. This contest is for Tuesday. Contest’s name is “Salute to the Traders.” In this, anyone can talk about the hardworking tradesperson. CIFX-FM gives out a great package to that person every Tuesday.


The chief products of the studio are “The Real Wake Up with Vinnie and Randi.” This is broadcasted on weekdays from 5:30 AM to 10:00 AM.


Contact Details:

Physical Address: 745 Windmill Road Dartmouth, NS, 8, 403, 2nd Avenue West Brooks, AB T1R 0S3
Studio Line: +1 403-793-7993
Main Office: +1 403-362-3418