CHOI 98.1 FM Radio X


CHOI 98.1 FM Radio X is a French-Canadian radio station. Talk shows and music is the program format of this FM radio station. It works on 98.1 MHz FM frequency and covers the area of Quebec City, Canada. Since 1996, Genex Communications owns it and its sister station, CHXX-FM since July 1996. On October 20, 2006, Genex sold it to the RNC Media, and now RNC Media has its ownership.

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Ratings of CHOI 98.1 FM Radio X:

In December 2004, ratings of The Bureau of Broadcast Measurement ranked CHOI the most popular radio network in Quebec City with 443,100 listeners, up from 380,500 in the start of the period. The radio station is famous for broadcasting disputable ideas and opinions of a politician who only advocates policies that are popular. The station has become the attention of big groups, especially feminists and gay activists. Prominent politicians also started taking an interest in its controversial discussions.
It competes with most popular radio stations: CBV-FM, CKCV-FM, CHXX-FM, CBVE-FM, CHIK-FM, ICI Première, and CBV-FM.

CHOI 98.1 FM Radio X


Main Hosts and Their Famous Programs::

Jeff Fillion was one of the most notable hosts at the station. He hosted Mornings in every weekday morning with his show: Le monde parallèle de Jeff (Jeff’s Parallel World). His stunning ideas and discussion made the station most popular controversial radio station. After his resignation, Denis replaced him and continued hosting his morning show.
Gilles Parent joined the station in 2001. Earlier he spoke at CHIK-FM 98.9 MHz that is the rival station of CHOI. After becoming the part of CHOI, he hosts the Le Retour de Gilles Parent every weekday afternoon.
Denis Gravel took place as a host of morning show when Jess Fillion resigned. Until 2004, He also hosted Le Char de hits. Soon, it became the most famous radio show of the area at noontime. He also contributed to the activities of the station by hosting the news segments when Jeff Fillion used to host the morning show.
Other major shows include Maurais Live, The Mid, Fillion, Gravel in return, DH in 90 minutes, Marceau in the evening, and X-Files Radio.

History of CHOI 98.1 FM Radio X:

Since July 1996, Genex Communications owned it, but later they sold it to RNC media. When RNC owned the network on October 20, 2006, CHOI-FM turned its format into rock music. It was the French-language station in Canada to broadcast rock music. In 2010, it returned towards its former format: talk radio format.
On August 28, 2018, RNC decided to sell the network to Leclerc Communication because it was the owner of the maximum number of French-language Canadian radio stations. The CRTC approved the announcement of RNC but under a condition. The condition was that Leclerc Communication would have to divest one station in the city of Quebec. Leclerc did not accept the deal and canceled the purchase of CHOI.

Contact Details:

Address: 1134 Grande-Allée Ouest, bureau 300, Québec, (Québec), G1S 1E5
Phone: 418-670-9098
Text: 418-670-9098
Official Website: