Radio Biskra – اذاعة بسكرة FM 91.2


Radio Biskra – اذاعة بسكرة FM 91.2 is a radio station that provides its online services from Biskra, the city of Algeria. On 14th July 1999, it starts to air its programs for the first time. Officially, it began to broadcast its transmission on 30 July 1999. Th transmission frequency is 91.2 MHz on the FM band. Its programs consist of informative content. Various important issues are discussed in the talk shows. News shows are also broadcast from this radio channel. Through this radio, different local and international important affairs convey to its listeners. The programming is available in the Arabic language, but international listeners can change their language to English. The station’s transmission timing is 7 AM to midnight nonstop.

Programming On Radio Biskra – إذاعة بسكرة FM 91.2:

Most of the anchors on this station host informative shows about news and talk shows. Its purpose is to keep people aware of all situations. Twenty-five broadcasters are performing their duties at this station. Famous presenters and anchors from Algeria and the African continent work on this channel. The anchors are responsible for presenting the newspaper in detail at noon and every day at 6 pm other than the routine shows in the schedule of this radio channel.

إذاعة الجزائرية - إذاعة بسكرة FM 91.2


The listeners of this radio station consist of youth and mature persons who are having an interest in knowing about current affairs. Its listeners also consist of good personalities and experienced persons who want to gain more knowledge. Biskra radio station provides all the necessary information to its listeners at the time.

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Address: 21, Boulevard des martyrs. Algeria, شارع ادريس محمـد بسكــرة 07000 أو: ص ب 799 القباضة الرئيسية بسكـرة
Call: 021 69 23 32
Phone: 033734114 / 033741107
Official Website: