إذاعة أدرار – AM 1089


إذاعة أدرار – AM 1089 Radio Adrar is an Arabic radio station. It has its offices and studios in Adrar, Regionale du Sud-Est Algeria, Algeria. Listeners can set the frequency for listening to its transmission at 1089 kHz. Its frequency runs on the AM band. This is completely a religious radio but it is famous for its multiple broadcasting. This channel broadcasts its programming in foreign languages, i.e., Arabic, French and Spanish. It promotes the practice of pluralism, protects the component of national identity and culture.

Ownership of إذاعة الجزائرية – إذاعة أدرار AM 1089:

Algerian team of journalists and technicians Issa Massoudi established it. On November 1, 1962, it outbroke the glorious Liberation Revolution. National sovereignty in Algeria’s extension came out on the same date.

إذاعة الجزائرية - إذاعة أدرار AM 1089

Adrar Channels:

It established a network of local radio and Thematic channels. Now it expands to 55 channels. It consists of 48 local radio and three national channels in three languages.


إذاعة أدرار – AM 1089 broadcasts a vast range of programs. These programs are interactive and non-interactive. It provides recitation of the Holy Quran and different Islamic debates. Islamic scholars talk about the different issues of Islam. Otherwise, it presents the Radio Gil FM that amuses the youth. This channel talks about informed citizens. It discusses everything related to national, regional, local, and international life.


This station carries out a wide process of renewing and modernizing. It fulfills the modern requirements of broadcast media. The main achievement of this channel is an electronic platform(www.radioalgeria.dz). It also established a radio training center in Tipasa. This center assures qualification and training in the broadcasting profession.

Radio Batna FM 89.3 / 92.2

Contact Details:

Address: Yerington, Nevada 89447, Adrar, Algeria
Phone: 00 213 550 69 23 66
E-Mail: contact@algerone.com
Official Website: http://radioalgerie.dz/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radioadrar.dz/
Instagram: instagram.com/radioadrar.dz
Twitter: http://twitter.com/radioadrar