إذاعة بجاية FM 88.7 / 90.9


إذاعة بجاية FM 88.7 / 90.9 is the radio station that provides its services from Bejaia, the city of Algeria. It provides various shows related to information. Different news shows also transmit from here to keep people aware of circumstances around the world. Local and international issues are also broadcast on these radio channels in talk shows. Motivational shows for youth are also on air from this radio channel. This Radio station is also playing various songs and entertaining programs for younger generations who want to listen full of enjoyment programs. Their purpose is to enjoy the programming of this station. Other shows also broadcast in the entertainment aspect to attract the people to listen to this radio station’s services. The transmission is on-air in the Arabic and English languages. Listeners can set the frequency level from 88.7 to 90.9 on the FM band.

Famous Shows of إذاعة بجاية:

This radio station aims to keep aware people of Algeria about the situations around the world. Most of the shows on news broadcasts from this station. Famous anchor persons work on this channel that attracts the people to listen to its services. Well-known DJs also presents different music show programs to keep the interest of the public.

إذاعة الجزائرية - إذاعة بجاية FM 88.7 / 90.9

Listeners Group:

Experienced, dynamite, young, and sensible people around the Algerian country are the listeners of FM 89.3 Bechar. Its shows cover all the content in relation to people of all ages.

Radio Biskra – اذاعة بسكرة FM 91.2

Contact Details:

Address: 21, Boulevard des martyrs. Alger, Rue, Youcef Bouchebah, (06) Bejaia / بجاية, 06000, Algeria
Call: 021 69 23 32, +213 34 10 72 45
Phone: 034 21 29 90, 034 21 99 98
Email: info@radioalgerie.dz/soummam6@gmail.com
Official Website: https://www.radioalgerie.dz/news/ar/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radioalgerie
Twitter: https://twitter.com/radioalgerie