FM Setif سطيف – 90.4 / 97.7 


FM Setif 90.4 / 97.7 (اذاعة سطيف) is a radio channel that broadcasts its services on-air from Setif, Algeria. On 10th October 1992, FM starts its online services as a radio channel from Setif. A former journalist Mr. Ahmad Hammache is the station’s director. The listeners can set the frequency level from 90.4 to 97.7 on the FM band. This radio station was established for entertainment. Various programs for the entertainment of the public are usually broadcast from FM Setif. All the shows on this channel have based on the family aspect. Talk shows also transmit from here to keep the interest of other people as well. The main objective of FM 90.4 from Setif is to entertain the families through various programs.

LANGUAGE OF إذاعة الجزائرية اذاعة سطيف FM 90.4 / 97.7:

The shows and programs that are broadcast are in the French language. But some also show on the air in the Arabic and English language to capture the listeners from the country and the whole world.

إذاعة الجزائرية اذاعة سطيف FM 90.4 / 97.7 


The programs which are present on this radio station have the purpose of entertainment. Family programs also play from here. Informative, funny shows and music programs serve online from this station. Famous radio presenters from Algeria and the African continent host the shows. A well-known DJs team also works on this radio station. These features help this channel to maintain a high range of listeners from the country and world.


The listeners of this radio station consist of the person of every age of life. The main reason is that it promotes shows related to family and informative aspects.

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Address: 01, Avenue de l’ALN Parc d’Attractions, Boulevard de l’ALN, 19000 Sétif (Algérie)
Call: +
Telephone: 036 51 44 11 (International +213 36 51 44 11)
036 51 44 22 (International +213 36 51 44 22)
Official Website: