Radio El Oued Souf


FM 99.8 / 94.7 is an online radio station, broadcasting its transmission from the EL Oued, the city of Algeria. It is especially famous for the public interest. The first time, it started its transmission on February 10, 2004, mostly for the western region. People can set the frequency level to 99.8 / 94.7 MHz on the FM band. It uses the Arabic language, but listeners can set the English translator to understand the Arabic language’s words.

Programming of Radio El Oued Souf FM 99.8 / 94.7:

The famous news anchors broadcast news and information-related shows and programs. These anchors are from Algeria. Some of them belong to the other countries of Africa. The well-known presenters help to maintain and attract a large number of listeners to this FM radio channel. Its 70% of programs consist of Algerian content, and about 30% include international music.

Radio Algerienne - Radio El Oued Souf FM 99.8 / 94.7

Group of Listeners:

From the motive of this radio channel, it is clear that its main purpose is to keep up-to-date with the public about current affairs. Its group of listeners includes dynamic, young, and experienced people. This radio channel provides information which is essential for everybody to know about.

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Contact Details:

Address: حي الرمال الوادي / ص ب 172, El Oued, Algeria
Call: +213 32 14 54 54
Telephone: 032 24 04 64 / 68-08-24 / 032 69 -09-24 / 032
Official Website: