Radio Mila 89.6/89.9


Radio Mila (إذاعة ميلة) has set in Mila, the province of Algeria. It was first launched on November 15, 2003. It is one of the generalist expression stations which aim to provide all the information and news to the auditors. This radio channel broadcasts news, mostly local and national, music, talk, culture and arts, sports, and local information. FM works at a frequency range of 89.6 – 89.9 MHz on the FM band 12 hours a day. People from the country and worldwide can listen to its programming through its online streaming available on the internet.

Features of Radio Mila 89.6/89.9:

This radio consists of active, vigilant, intelligent, young, dynamic, serious, and well-experienced members. The members distribute the task among the group members so that each member gets a particular job.

 Radio Mila 89.6/89.9


إذاعة ميلة broadcasts its programs in the Arabic language. Listeners can enjoy its transmission in some other languages such as French, English, and Spanish.

FM Setif سطيف – 90.4 / 97.7

Contact Details:

Address: Mila, Algeria 43000
Phone: 031 47 47 03 / 031 47 47 04
Fax: 031 47 47 01
Official Website: