Radio Mostaganem FM 100.1/107.2


Radio Mostaganem (إذاعة مستغانم) is the Algerian local broadcasting station, having its studios and offices in the Mostaganem, province of the country, Algeria. Former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika performs the inauguration of this FM. It started its first broadcasting on February 10, 2004. The language in which this radio station airs its transmissions is the Arabic language. It is a frequency-based radio which operates at a frequency range of 100.1- 107.2 MHz. Listeners from the region and the whole world tunes this radio channel on the FM band at this frequency.

Programming of Radio Mostaganem 100.1/107.2:

Radio Mostaganem is a generalist expression broadcasting channel that offers different types of information and services. These services include news, regional information, art, talk, and music that listeners want to enjoy in the country. It provides services round the clock, and a young age people love this the most. This is the only FM designed for the western regions and operates on three frequencies simultaneously.

Mostaganem FM 100.1/107.2


The programmers and broadcasters behind this channel are a group of pure-hearted beings. They are young, active, serious, experienced, dynamic, and responsible. They share the work among the group members as it is part of their responsibility.

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Contact Details:

Address: PO Box 1014 Mostaganem / – Al Matamer District – Mostaganem
Telephone: 045 41 01 77 / 045 41 01 96
Fax: 045 41 01 09
Official Website: