Radio Naama إذاعة النعامة FM 104.5/90.9


إذاعة الجزائرية إذاعة النعامة Naama FM 104.5/90.9 is an Algerian radio station owned by a public broadcasting channel which broadcasts its transmission live 24/7 from Naama. Radio Naama considers as a regional radio channel that belongs to Naama Wilaya. It deals with national and international current affairs. Most of its transmission runs in the Arabic and French languages. However, some of its programs transmit in the English language for the international audience.

Features of  Radio Naama إذاعة الجزائرية إذاعة النعامة FM 104.5/90.9:

Listeners can enjoy music fun all day with more focus on current affairs on the national and international levels. The programs on current affairs and news are mainly multilingual in Arabic, French, and English. Apart from current affairs, there is a pure entertaining dose of the music of mixed genres. Programs can also listen to live stream from their radio website to avoid any distortion and nuisance. The weather forecast, sports, trends are also part of the shows keeping the listeners update.

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إذاعة الجزائرية إذاعة النعامة FM 104.5/90.9

Contact Details:

Telephone: 049595454, 049595353, 049595800
Whatsapp: +21349595800
Official Website: