Radio Tindouf FM 98.0


Radio Tindouf (إذاعة تندوف) FM 98.0 is an Algerian state-owned public broadcasting channel whose transmission goes live 24/7. That is the reason millions of people who don’t have access to other latest and modern technologies can easily switch to their radio sets. It is a local radio station that broadcasts its waves from the Tindouf region. It presents various programs containing important topics related to that particular region, as it is popular among the listeners. The channel broadcasts its programs in the native Arabic language; however, French is the second most language for particular administrative purposes. The programs are also available through live streaming on its official website and Facebook page.

Features of Radio Tindouf FM 98.0:

Tindouf FM 98.0 proposes its program based on information, facts, and specific topics and news regarding that region. Listeners participate in programs and have a free option to give feedback or new suggestions regarding the programs. Besides all this, programs and shows compose of mixed genres of music and a lot of entertainment. Current affairs, national and international news, sports, and weather forecast are also part of the all-day transmission.

Radio Mila 89.6/89.9

Radio Tindouf FM 98.0

Contact Details:

Address: 21 Al-Shuhada Street, Algeria
Studio Phone: 049372424
Administration: 049372425
Fax: 049372426