Skikda Radio FM 90.8


إذاعة سكيكدة الجهوية – FM 90.8 Skikda Radio station broadcasts its transmission from Skikda, the city of Algeria. On 15 November 2003, it starts its online streaming from Skikda, the city of Algeria. FM aims to provide important information to business people for their business’s suitability and progress. Different news also shows on air from this channel. News shows help the people of Algeria to be aware of situations around them. Talk shows usually transmit from here about the discussion on hot topics. World news, sports, current affairs are also broadcast from this channel. Besides the regular schedule, this channel consists of music shows for the entertainment of the public. People can listen to this radio station’s online services by tuning the frequency level at 90.8 MHz.

Program Language:

Most of the shows broadcast from this channel in the Arabic language. However, there is a facility available for international listeners to set the language according to their understandability.

إذاعة سكيكدة الجهوية

إذاعة سكيكدة الجهوية – Skikda Radio Programming:

Usually, important shows are present online on this radio channel. These programs focus on business aspects. Different talk shows and news shows go in the air from this channel to keep listeners’ interest. Famous news anchors work with this FM from Algeria and continent Africa. Attractive personalities help this station to increase and attract the listeners to listen to its services.

Group Of Listeners:

The group of listeners largely consists of business persons. But the information seeker people also its listeners. Young, experienced, and passionate people around the country also listen to this channel’s services from Skikda.

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Contact Details:

Address: Regional Skikda Radio, PO Box 55, Bab El Aures – Skikda
Call: 55 77 75 38 (0) 213 00
Telephone: 038 75 77 54 | 038 75 77 55
Official Website: