Tizi Ouzou Radio 93.0 FM


Tizi Ouzou (اإذاعة الجزائرية – إذاعة تيزي وزو) is a radio station located in the Tizi Ouzou city of Algeria. This radio station launched for the first time, on April 16, 1992. FM telecasts its transmission in two different languages, such as Arabic and Kabyle. Most programs air in the Arabic language. This radio telecast 12 hours of transmission daily. It is a private radio channel and broadcasts different types of information and services, including news, sports, regional issues, talk shows, entertainment, and Arabic music on public demands. This is a state-owned generalist expression radio station. Tizi Ouzou has live streaming and mixed on-air type of programs. This radio operates at a specific frequency of 93.0 MHz that runs on the FM band.

Features of Tizi Ouzou Radio 93.0 FM:

The team working behind (اإذاعة الجزائرية – إذاعة تيزي وزو) is hard-working, active, dynamic, young, serious, and responsible. They distribute the work among its community members so that everyone may get their specific job.

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Tizi Ouzou Radio 93.0 FM

Contact Details:

Address: Rue des Frères Sidi Maamar (opposite court) Tizi Ouzou 15000
Phone: +213 26 12 90 32 / +213 37 55 07 07
Fax: 026 22 90 39
Email: radiotiziouzou15@gmail.com
Official Website: http://www.radioalgerie.dz/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/radioalgerie
Twitter: http://twitter.com/radioalgerie