Radio Mélodie


Melodie 103.3 FM is a radio station that belongs to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It broadcasts its transmission by using 103.3 MHz frequency. Its frequency runs on the FM band. The purpose of this FM radio channel is to educate, inform, and entertain its audience. It conveys information, interviews, anecdotes, as well as thematic programming and music. This channel signs on in the air News for its community, Reggae, Zouk, Talk shows, Jazz, Blues, Swing, and Ragtime Music. It runs its programming in the French language.

Famous Weekday Shows of Radio Mélodie 103.3 FM:

The most famous programs of this radio station are Good alarm clock in music, Mélodie Matin with Marcus, Daily with Elsie, Dominique Batraville’s Literary Chronicle, Guest of the day, Cape chill, It’s so good in songs, The good old times!, Religious program, Singing Pipirit, The Auditor’s Disc, The Newspaper, Lady Blues, Liaison, Newspaper 5h, Zouk Melodie, Melodie and Company, Open Mic, Pa gen problem, Mixed Farming, Sports time, Nap Chill, Rap Promo, Vibration Show, and Krezi Sam Di.

Mélodie 103.3 FM

Weekend Melody Programs:

The weekend programs consist of Melody Morning, Melimelo Sport, Promotional, Horsemen, take your ladies, Interview of the week, Glances on the world, and Sport Plus.

Popular Rjs:

The most popular Rjs of the channel are Father Dominique, Robenson Eugène, James Legénis and Klaus (RPlayer) Macajoux, Elsie, Biforge Forest, Bénito Sinord, Milka Jean Baptiste Désir, Claudia Gédeomme, Berlande Bernard, Bernard Ethéart, Rubens (R-Bens) Francis and Ed Daliriks.
Some other hosts are Didier Dominique, Acenel Laurent, Biforge Forest, James Legénis, Bendy Christian Calixte, Fresnel Azor, Cliford Lazard, Wilhem Thermy, Dan,o Djerry Lafortune, Ferdinand Joseph Aderson, DJ Coolsound, DJ Beenobee, DJ Darlin, Véroniquéea Lafortune Lambert, Smith Marseille, Jean Hervé Altidor, Sony Eliatus, Jonas Beltine, Ferdinand Joseph Anderson, DJ Coolsound, Azad Belfort, Fresnel Azor, Acenel Laurent, Biforge Forest and James Legenis.

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Contact Details:

Physical Address: 74 Bis, Rue Capois, Ville De Port-Au-Prince, Ouest, Haiti
Phone Number: +509 42 78 4606, 832-999-1705, 3 452-0428, 3 454-0428
Email Address:
Official Website: