Radio Lumière D Haïti


Radio Lumière D Haïti is a broadcasting station that is situated in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It broadcasts its transmission by using 88.1 MHz frequency that runs on the FM band. This radio channel broadcasts its programming on nine radio stations and one television channel that covers 90% of Haiti. It relates to the Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti. It is known as the voice of the Protestant Church in Haiti.
Radio Lumiere signs on in the air variety of information, Christian News, Talk shows, Education, and Entertainment. This radio channel performs its services for evangelical churches. It runs its programming in the French language.

Famous Shows of Radio Lumière D Haïti:

The most popular programs of Radio Lumiere are Alarm Clock Light, Alarm Clock Light, Creole Newspaper, Haiti Plus, Lumière Magazine, Spiritual Table, a French newspaper, Blow of Whistle, Chante Lakay: Ministry Companion, Sing Lakay: Chorus of Yesterday, Chante Lakay: Variety Thursday, Sing Lakay: Friday’s Hit Parade, Kay Ak Fanmi, and Expression.
Some other programs are Family Friday, Obituary, Oasis for the Pilgrim, The Hour That Changed History, Your Family And Ours, Light On The Lesson, Lumiere English On The Air, Home Of The Little Ones, Childish Gaiety, Nègès Esperans, Hourly Bulletin, All together, Health For All, Helping Hand, Sunday relaxation, The Sound Of Saturday, Lender’s Corner, Biblical Prophecy, A Voice In The Night, Listening Doctor, Vibrations, and Youth Saturday.

Radio Lumière FM 88.1

Main DJs:

Markenson, Etienne, Sylvain Volcy, Lionel Louidor Open, Sony Jeanty, Sony Lamarre Joseph, Lionel Louidor, Amos yacinthe, Vanessa Léger, Past. Wilkens Cétoute, Past. Samson Dorilas, Vanessa Léger, Bénito Cétoute, Roudoll Pierre-Louis, Jean Saidel Saintil, Paul Nesly, Jean Saidel Saintil, Kay Ak Fanmi, Ms. Ruth Joseph, Marchenson Phanord, Emmanuella Dorestal, Olivier Sarah, Valéry Vital-Herne, Marie Anette Pétion, Klebert jewelry, Sr Jeanine Bissainthe, Adrienne Libertin, Past. Phanès Ulysse, Samson Gedelus, Ruth Joseph, Sylvie Mérisier, Nègès Esperans, Hourly Bulletin, Gervais Glodys, Dr Emmanuelle Beaubrun, Roudoll Pierre Louis, Past. Young Varnel, Jn Serginho Lindor, Past Ynès Joseph, Past Guy Thomas, Suze Jérome Cétoute, Sony Lamarre, Joseph, Phraina Augustin, Jean Jeff Lefèvre, Vanessa Léger perform their functions as famous Djs.

Radio Gaia Haiti (JCN)

Contact Details:

Physical Address: PO Box 1050, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Phone Number: +509 2234 0330
E-Mail Address:
Official Website: