Radio Realite FM 95.1


Radio Realite FM 95.1 is a broadcast radio station that has its offices and studios in Desdunes, Haiti. It broadcasts its shows in the Haitian language. It is a commercial radio channel that broadcasts its programs to serve the youth for helping them in whatever field they choose. This channel uses 95.1 MHz frequency to run its programming that runs on the FM band. It uses the Haitian language to broadcast its transmission. People can also listen to this FM through online streaming that is available on the internet. It broadcasts Kompa music to entertain its audience.

Nearby Stations:

The nearby located station to this radio channel is PAM FM Stéréo 100.1 – Desdunes and Radio Deschapelles.

Contact Details:

Address: Etats-Unis Adresse : Angle Rue l’Union et St-Pierre, Desdunes, HAITI
Phone: + 1 (323)217-7286 Int. 4217-0582 Haïti
WhatsApp: 1323217728642170582
Official Website: