Radio Sentilnelle Haiti FM 93.9


Radio Sentilnelle Haiti named Radio Liberate in 1999. At that time, Osner H Fevry operated this radio station, being an owner. It is situated in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is a private broadcasting company of Haiti that is religious, cultural as well as commercial. A single person owns it because it is on the base of the sole proprietorship. It provides 93.9 MHz frequency that works on the FM band.

The purpose of this station is to spread Christian Faith across the world and promote the teachings of Jesus Christ, which are related to the Christian religion. It plays a variety of programs for the audience, for example, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and religious programs. All programs broadcast in the Haitian language. Haiti granted all concessions on November 6, 1979, with reference to D-6:256 and D-6:257 from SEIDN. It is registered at CONATEL.

Radio Sentilnelle Haiti-FM 93.9

On-Air Staff of Radio Sentilnelle Haiti-FM 93.9:

Aiden Johnson, Jaime Lane, and Drew Carlyle work as a team of this channel.

Nearby stations:

Radio Sentilnelle Haiti is located nearby Radio Kiskeya – FM 88.5, Radio IBO, Impact FM 91.7, and Radio Télévision le Monde – FM 101.1.

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Delmas 19, Angles des Rues Jn Jacques Acaaus &Estime
Phone Number: +509- 2813-5445/2813-5446 & +509 44 04 27 77
E-mail Address:
Official Website: