Radio Solidarité FM Haiti


Radio Solidarité FM is a broadcast channel that belongs to Port au Prince, Haiti. It provides information, entertainment, community news, Top 40, Pop music, adult contemporary, local culture, and 24 hours of music to entertain its listeners. The audience hears its programming at 107.3 MHz frequency that runs on the FM band. It is available on the internet for its live streaming. This radio station broadcasts its transmission in the French language.

Programs of Radio Solidarité FM Haiti:

The main shows of Radio Solidarite are Bruno Show, 1st Sports Edition, Slow online news, Religious Music, Plural space, Lavi Ka Bèl, Zouk, and Classical Music.

Radio Solidarité FM 107.3

On-Air Staff:

Adele Petit and Venel Remarais (CEO) perform their duty as a staff member.

Nearby Stations:

Signal FM 90.5, Radio RFM Haiti, Univers FM, and Radio Nationale D’Haïti (RNH) – FM 105.3 / 102.1 situated near to this channel.

Contact Details:

Physical Address: 6, Rue Fernand Canapé-Vert Port au Prince, Haiti
Phone Number: (509) 3766-8876
Official Website: